The equestrian consumer market is incredibly unique. Successfully reaching consumers in this niche market requires a creative and all-inclusive approach. As an industry leader in equestrian marketing, Entrigue has a strong network and extensive equine marketer experience to facilitate all levels of brand promotion. We are the only equestrian marketing firm working with both athletes and brands across all horse sports, including western and thoroughbred horse racing. Our creative approach to sophisticated digital campaigns works to create win-wins from every equine angle.


At Entrigue we believe equestrian athletes from all horse sports share a common interest: they're always seeking products that will enhance their horse's health and performance. The delivery of the brand's message is what changes between horse sports. Whether you are a brand looking to launch a product, break into a new horse sport, or form new demographic partnerships via equestrian marketing, or a rider seeking to build not just a strong public image, but the right public image, Entrigue has the tools and connections to build your industry presence.

Entrigue’s consultants can also give established brands an equestrian marketing edge. We work with in-house marketing efforts providing strategic consulting, a fresh perspective for digital equestrian ad campaigns, print, photography, video, and equine website design and updates.

Take advantage of our expertise and schedule a consult today. Entrigue would love to help you come up with a strategic approach to marketing your product in new markets, more effectively marketing in your current market, connect your brand to PR and more!

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Social Media

Social media is more important for equine businesses than ever before, but maintaining multiple accounts can be time-consuming for the already-busy equestrian entrepreneur.


We offer social media management, content creation, post scheduling, follower growth, and influencer collaboration through a variety of packages to fit any small businesses goals and budget. 

We manage social media accounts for equine businesses and professional riders across all horse-sports. Unlike other agencies, we understand equestrian businesses and will make sure your social media posts are knowledgeable and on brand for your industry.


Web Design & SEO

Entrigue's web team can upgrade your web presence and build your online store. Whether you're a professional rider or an equestrian brand, we'll create a dynamic, modern representation of your brand.

We also happily provide website SEO audits so you can asses your overall site health, identify broken links, errors in meta tags or header tags, and more. Our team is also able to implement these changes to improve your SEO and increase your site's health. 

We specialize in correct and effective search engine optimization for equestrians and equine brands. Our web team is well versed in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Art Store Fronts and more.


Logo Design

Entrigue's creative team will work to dissect your consumer and brand references to design a logo that is recognizable, modern, and appealing.


Our team assures designs that are functional and replicable on a variety of surfaces so your small business can be prepared for embroidery, printing and so much more! At Entrigue we also believe in empowering small business owners and individuals, so we provide all original art files in final delivery. 

Multiple team members are actively involved in the equine industry, so your equestrian-related logo will accurately represent your sport!

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Digital Ads

Entrigue's team of digital ad SEM and CPC specialists can create, budget, organize, and implement targeted social media and Google Ads campaigns to increase website traffic, purchase conversions, and more.

Our specialists will monitor and manage your ads so your audience, copy, and creative are constantly optimized for the best performance. With our background in horses and equestrian sports, you know your ads are targeted towards your desired audience with accuracy and precision.

With data collection from your website's code, Facebook Pixel, and campaign analytics, we can retarget website visitors and strategically target different audiences for your products and services. 


Graphic Design

Entrigue has the resources to give your brand a visual presence that is unique and leaves an impression. Our graphic designers can create a personal image that fits your business products, style, and vision.

Give your promotional materials that extra edge and class. We can design and export artwork for covers, programs, sale flyers, product labels, promotional materials, graphic productions, and more. 

Our team is actively involved in the equine industry, so your designs will accurately represent your sport! Entrigue will work with you on revisions and drafts so you are a part of the process. Our consultants are available help direct and advise on design elements. So whether you have an idea in mind or need to start from scratch, you'll receive a beautiful final product. 


Copy Writing

Whether you're looking to contribute regular blogs to your site or your website copy needs a facelift, Entrigue's copywriter's have creativity and the ability to write with your brand's voice. They also have the equestrian knowledge for write copy that is accurate and engaging for your audience.

Writing blogs on your website can greatly increase the quality and effectiveness of your SEO. We are not only able to provide the best keywords for your industry and services, but we can also write an engaging blog with those keywords so your copy attracts more site traffic. 

If your creativity isn't on its A-game, our copy writers are able to write newsletters, social media captions, advertising copy and more in a voice that fits your business. 


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Email Marketing

We can create, write, design, and schedule email marketing campaigns for your brand. Reach your customers in an engaging way to further develop your client relationships. 

Our team can also help set up automated campaigns for abandoned carts to recapture your potential customers and create successful conversions. 

Together we will create an email schedule and strategy that starts a conversation with your audience and promotes your business all while ensuring that the marketing materials and content are accurate and engaging for the equine industry.



Entrigue’s consultants have helped numerous equestrian businesses expand their consumer base into new horse sports. Our resources and networks can strategically transition your brand in a new consumer market. 

One of the best avenues for brand awareness, name recognition, and participating in your market's community is through sponsorship - both of events and professional riders. 

We can help you navigate which events, collaborations, influencers, and sponsored riders are right for your brand.


Retail Strategy

Entrigue specializes in strategic retail expansion for equestrian products. We can help your brand develop or expand a boutique program, corporate program, or other retail program. Our team can also create materials for your reps so they have everything they need to properly represent and promote your equestrian brand. 

Our team will create retail presentation kits, help set up or maintain online e-commerce websites, strategically schedule promotions, consult on new product lines, and more. 


Video Production

Entrigue has the team and resources to give your business the media content it needs for promotion, marketing, and sales.

We can organize, collaborate, and manage full production video content collection from start to finish. Whether you're looking for a "lifestyle" shoot outdoors with models, or a shoot in a studio with a food and product styling team, we can create multiple exports from testimonials to stop action animation to full commercials. 

Our goal is to make production do-able for small businesses. We work with a variety of videographers and photographers and can combine client content production days to help distribute costs. 


Rider Agent Services

Sponsored riders are an investment. Entrigue can help your brand strategically choose riders that will create a ROI. We are also able to draft sponsorship contracts so your expectations are clearly set.

Riders need to be properly leveraged to help promote your business. We can help you navigate the different types of sponsored riders or brand ambassadors so you get the ROI you're looking for. 

We are also able to create specific content requests from your riders, help establish photo or video shoots, and more to help your business have a successful sponsored rider program. 


Amazon Support

Our team has set up successful Amazon stores for equestrian apparel and consumer goods brands. We specialize in conducting the research and testing needed to deliver optimized listings for each of your products.

We can help you increase sales and traffic with targeted Amazon ads focused on seasonal trends, targeted customers, and competitors.

We have been able to give clients' products the "Amazon Choice" badge, increase their sales, optimize listings, and run successful ad campaigns on Amazon.



We can organize, collaborate, and manage full production commercials, photoshoots, and videoshoots from start to finish for brands in any part of the equestrian industry. Entrigue can also gather e-commerce content, social content, and advertising content for your brand.

Our network consists of professional product and lifestyle photographers that work with us to get the desired "look" for your products. Whether you're needing pictures for your online store or Amazon or need high-quality shots for your social media and website, we are here to make sure you get the most out of your photoshoot or videoshoot. 

In most cases, our clients are able to take away 6 months to a year's worth of content for use on social, print ads, digital ads, website imagery, and more. 


Business Consulting

Work with our team and receive strategic consulting for growth, digital marketing, niche market networking, collaboration leads, e-commerce support, cross branding, and more tailored to the equine industry. Our creative approach to sophisticated communication campaigns and extensive knowledge of the equine world work to create win-wins and develop materials to help your company develop brand and consumer relationships.

Our team can support your business with press releases, all marketing materials, digital advertising ideas, and more to strategically position you in your desired part of the equine industry (or new market) so you successfully grow your brand. 


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