Entrigue’s Holiday Gift Guide from our Favorite Brands and Boutiques!

The Holidays can be a daunting time for anyone, but equestrians are tasked with an even more challenging task. Our budgets are tight and we can sometimes get sidetracked into shopping for ourselves and our own mounts (oops!). From trainers, fellow riders, your favorite groom or working student, and pony girls, there are a lot of gifts to buy! And that doesn’t even start to cover our non-equestrian family and friends (don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too)!

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ve got the best gifts and deals (no, seriously we’ve got some discount codes for ya) for everyone on your list-- and the best thing! These gifts are all from small businesses and gifts with only “good vibes”.

For Non-Riders

Whidbey Tea

This gift can work for non-riders and riders alike because as we all know, being an equestrian is stressful. Horse show nerves and vet bills can get the better of us! Luckily, there’s Whidbey Tea. Whidbey is a small tea company based on an island outside of Seattle where they grow all their products. We love Whidbey because their packaging is 100% biodegradable and is complete with authentic Native American artwork. With blends like chamomile mint, jasmine green, english breakfast, and mango oolong there’s sure to be a flavor for everyone in the barn.

Shop all the blends at: https://www.whidbeytea.com/shop/

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust offers programs to foster orphaned elephants, rhinos, and giraffes for just $50 a year. These animals are often orphaned due to illegal poachers and benefit greatly from the support of foster parents and donations. This a truly fantastic gift that goes beyond the realm of material possessions. Giving a friend or relative the gift of being a foster parent to one of these amazing animals is truly life changing. https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

Pura Vida Monthly Club

Pura Vida Bracelets are made by hundreds of artisans around the world and donate a portion of their proceeds to a multitude of charities (they’ve donated around $1.5 million so far!). Their bracelets are extremely trendy, and their subscription boxes comes with a couple of bracelets that a curated each month from influencers and stylists. These bracelets are a great gift for anyone trying to elevate their style to the next level.


DIFF Eyewear

Who isn’t looking at a screen for a at least a couple hours everyday? Between scrolling our news feeds, staring at desktops for work, and binging our favorite series --our eyes are being constantly bombarded with harmful blue light. Long term exposure to blue light can cause headaches, eye strain, blurry vision, fatigue, and poor sleep among other symptoms. Thankfully, DIFF produces sleek eyewear that block blue light while also giving glasses to African children in need.


WeWood Watches

WeWood produces one-of-a-kind watches and sunglasses with the promise of planting a tree with every item sold. Since 2011 the company has planted over 600,000 trees with the goal of planting 1 million by 2020. These watches are made entirely out of recycled wood products in Italy and are designed for both men and women.


Conscious Step Socks

Conscious Step produces cute and comfortable socks that also go to a variety of good causes. Their socks are sustainably sourced, and go to causes that aid rainforest relief, poverty, HIV/AIDS treatment, donate books, and provide clean water to communities. Not only do they support a wide range of non-profits but they also make fantastic socks that your friends will love wearing around.


For Riders

Snaks 5th Avenchew

We can’t forget about our four-legged companions during the holidays! Both our canine and equine friends will love a treat from Snaks 5th Avenchew (get it?). Their gourmet treats are healthy, delicious, and adorable. They have dozens of design packages that can make this a very thoughtful gift for your horse, your best friend’s horse, your trainer’s horse(s), that super cute pony down the aisle, we could go on… but you get it, you can’t go wrong with these treats! https://snaks5thavenchew.com

Performance Physiques

There’s always at least one fitness guru in the barn or someone that’s always finding ways to improve their riding (i.e. all of us), and they’ll love these fitness bands from Performance Physiques. The creator of these bands is a USEF physical therapist, and are unique because they’re designed to be used both on and off the horse. Their armband is the perfect distance to support correct position and their glute bands engage all the right muscles.

Bonus! Use promo code: p2holidaygift for 20% off at checkout until 12/17! https://p2performancebands.com

The Classic Horse

The Classic Horse designs beautiful equestrian jewelry in a variety of collections. This would be the perfect gift for the well-accessorized rider or a special statement piece for anyone! The great thing about Classic Horse is it can make a great gift for non-equestrians too, or as an easy group gift in the barn --getting a stunning necklace for your trainer!

Use promo code HOLIDAY18 for 20% off and free shipping for their Annmarie Lariat necklaces.https://theclassichorse.com/products/the-annmarie-lariat-1

Anique Shirts

Anique Shirts are stylish and functional. With colors like Black Swan, Peacock Blue, Desert Rose, Pure White, and Silver Lake; they would be a great gift for virtually everyone in the barn (especially, yourself). They also make excellent gifts for your gal pals who enjoy golf, hiking or tennis! Anique Shirts are Made in America with cooling smart yarn, UV protection, and style lines to flatter diverse body types with the durability to keep up with a busy barn schedule. The Black Swan, Desert Rose, and Pure White have trendy Rose Gold Zippers and this young company sets aside 10% of every shirt sold for their Kold Kid’s initiative- which provides children in poverty and low income families with warm jackets in cold climates.

Not sure of your friends size? You can order Anique gift card for just $100 (for a single shirt with shipping) during their holiday sale.

Use code: GIFTCARDANIQUE https://www.aniqueequestrian.com

Forza Cavallo

Forza Cavallo specializes in equestrian graphic designs for apparel, accessories, and home decor. Their leggings, beanies, boot socks, throw pillows, phone cases, and headbands are super cute making them a great gift for the trendy equestrian.


Mane Jane

Mane Jane is another gift that is perfect for the unique rider that isn’t afraid to stand out. With strikingly coordinating belts and spur straps, they’re the perfect gift for the stand-out rider. Mane Jane has a variety of designs that can make this gift feel very custom.


PC: Chagrin Saddlery

Foot Huggies

Foot Huggies are an extremely well thought-out and detailed oriented boot sock. Complete with a designated left and right sock, calf and top of foot ventilation, extra padding on the inside of the calf (to prevent stirrup rubs), Achilles tendon, and across the toes (to prevent toe holes), these socks are the real deal that are made in the USA!


Use promo code whatsinyourboot for 15% off with free shipping! https://www.foothuggies.com

The Chronicle of the Horse

Any equestrian who’s been in the game for long enough knows the importance of The Chronicle. With inside interviews from top names in multiple disciplines, and in-depth coverings of industry affairs and competitions, a subscription to The Chronicle is a must have for anyone who loves staying in the know about equestrian news. https://ssl.palmcoastd.com/pcd/apps/index.cfm?iMagId=23601&iPage=LANDORDERUS3&iXz=50F064C4697B11EA8C68D9899A84200E

Noelle Floyd Box

NF.edit is a quarterly subscription box that supports the lifestyle of all equestrians, with over $100 worth of product in every box. Products are chosen to make equestrian life easier in and out of the saddle. Subscription boxes are a fun and exciting gift for the rider that loves trying and testing a variety of new products, without breaking the bank. https://www.noellefloyd.com/pages/nf-edit

Tucker Tweed

Tucker Tweed Equestrian designs fine leather purses, wallets, handbags, and accessories. All of their products are classic yet unique with one-of-a-kind embossing options that represent hunter/jumper, dressage, and fox hunting. Tucker Tweed has a variety of bags to suit every occasion, from overnight bags, carry alls, totes, crossbodies, and wristlets, they have bag for every on-the-go equestrian.

They can even double for business trips, vacations, or horse shows, Tucker Tweed has a sophisticated yet down-to-earth look that would shine in every arena of life. https://www.tuckertweed.com

Alympic Equestrian

Alympic Equestrian designs breeches and jods that hold up to the demands of the sport. All of their products are made with activewear fabric and technology with a traditional yet modern fit. They believe that our clothing should work as hard as our horses do for us! The best thing about Alympic is their discipline diversity, they cater towards dressage with full seat breeches, hunter/jumper with knee-patch breeches, and saddleseat riders with jodhpurs! https://alympicequestrian.com

Breyer Horses

Who doesn’t love Breyer Horses? For many of us, they’re our first memory of our love for horses. Passing on this tradition to younger equestrians, or the adult that still collects (no shame) Breyer Horses are always a coveted Christmas gift.

Why not give a devoted Justify, Valegro or Verdades fan their very own miniature model, it’s not the real deal, but not all of us can be Laura Graves.


Horse & Rider Boutique

Horse & Rider Boutique offers stunning and unique belt and bracelet designs that range from dazzling sparkles to classic leather. Their accessories do a great job making each design unique yet tasteful for every discipline. Any gift from this boutique would make a fantastic addition to every equestrian’s closet. You can see their selection of products here: http://www.horseandriderboutique.com

We hope this gift ideas ease your holiday shopping woes! Whether you’re shopping for a rider or a non-rider, we love these gifts and the companies they come from, so we know you will too. Happy Holidays from us at Entrigue!

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