Trainer Gift Guide: Ideas for Every Trainer

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out what the best gift for your trainer is? You're not alone!

Trainers play a huge role in our lives, especially if we're competing regularly. And since it's that time of year again, the time where thousands of people go into full gift-giving mode, what to get for that important person in your [horse]life has been on your mind!

But what if your trainer means so much to you that you feel like they deserve an island? Or, maybe your current trainer drives you crazy, and what you'd really like to give them is a big steaming pile of … Nevermind.

The point is, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your trainer. So, we've put together a thoughtful list of great gifts to help you show your appreciation for all they do for you and your horse.

For the trainer who loves wine!

This trainer probably has a bottle of wine at the bottom of their tack trunk at all times. You could put together a gift basket with their favorite Pinot Grigio and a few select kinds of cheese that pair nicely. A horse-decorated cheeseboard would add a nice touch to the overall theme and really help your trainer wine down after a long day of reminding people to stop looking between their horse's ears the entire time.

But if you know for a fact, your trainer doesn't need another bottle of Chianti, instead, put together a gift basket that includes two personalized wine glasses and a chocolate & wine pairing kit.

For Cheese Server: Arthur Court Designs Horse Plate with Cheese Server

For Wine Charms: Horse Themed Wine Charms

For Chocolate Wine Pairing Bars: Chocolate and Wine Pairing Kit

For Personalized Wine Glass: Personalized Wine Glass

For the trainer celebrating Hanukkah

Each family celebrates Hanukkah differently, but historically speaking, lavish gifts aren't part of the tradition. So don't overthink it! Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated, especially when they're personal. So are gourmet cooking oils, specialty chocolates, jewelry, books, and clothing (like a shirt from Anique!).

Whatever gifts you decide to give, remember this: blue and white are the colors of Hanukkah, so stay away from giving gifts that are red and green. Also, please don't wrap your trainer's Hanukkah gift in Christmas wrapping paper...

And as a nod to horsey best friend, maybe sneak in a gift basket of Snaks 5th AvenChew Hanukkah themed horse cookies - one for each night throughout the celebration. Their horse will thank you.

For Sun Shirt:

For Horse Treats:

For the sentimental trainer!

This one might take a little bit more effort, but we promise, the sentiment will win your trainer over. If they're always taking photos and gushing about how close your barn family is, a DIY Etsy project would warm their hearts. Simply send some ribbons over to a DIY expert on Etsy, and they'll send back a gorgeous pillow or blanket!

Another more straightforward option is to have your photos printed onto a throw pillow, or even a canvas print they can hang in their home or the barn. If you're looking to win "best gift 2019" in their book, adding a handwritten card would seal the deal.

For Photo Coasters or Canvas Print

For Handmade Quilt: One Of A Kind Ribbon Quilt - Handmade!

For Ribbon Pillow: Custom Horse Show Ribbon Pillow

For Photo Collage Pillow: Horse and Rider Collage Throw Pillow

For the trainer turned stable owner or the one who desperately needed a barn office update! 😬

Trainers are some of the busiest people on earth - we know because we asked. Celebrating a new role as a barn owner or upgrading their office is sometimes the last thing on their minds! But that doesn't mean they wouldn't love if someone took notice of all their hard work, and surprised them with something custom and beautiful for their space.

Making a name for a new barn takes a lot of work, and they will appreciate these small details! If they're a practical trainer but love warm spaces, they might appreciate a solid dry erase board (don't forget the markers!), a new rug for the office, or custom farm sign.

If you're looking to go the extra mile, consider springing for canvas chairs with their stable name on them.

For Rug:


For Farm Signs:

For Custom Dry Erase Boards:

For Custom Director Chairs:

For your Dog-loving trainer!

There are so many great gifts you can give to your trainer who loves dogs & horses. Who wouldn’t be! Both species are amazing, plus horses and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. So if your trainer brings their dogs everywhere, and are equally obsessed with their dogs as their horses, check out what we put together below.

Giving your trainer a custom leather collar with a nameplate is not only classy but super practical for a pooch who loves to run around at shows (don't forget the owner's phone number). Other personalized gifts your trainer could use, but still, give a thoughtful nod to their canine friend is getting a cozy blanket with the dog's name embroidered on it. Lastly, you can never go wrong with a new dog bed for the office or tack room!

For Fleece Dog Blanket:

For Dog Collar:

For Dog Bed:

For the corny trainer!

If you're constantly rolling your eyes at dad jokes and puns, this is the gift category you need - the pun-loving trainer.

Making jokes, tooting their own horn, and shameless self-promoting plugs - they make talking about how amazing they are at their job fun. So much so, you can picture their signature sayings on mugs, t-shirts, and even water bottles. Get them a gift you personally designed, such as getting "A truly great trainer is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget" screenshotted on a coffee mug.

For Shirt:

For Mug:

For the trainer who notices every detail and likes things a certain way!

This trainer is always on top of keeping things looking pristine and organized. You truly appreciate the level of attention to detail they provide because there's no way you can keep track of it all.

They also help keep your tack looking brand new while performing at its best. If you've heard them mutter how damaging saddle racks are to your saddle's panels, Saddle Mattress has exactly what they need.

Its a mattress, specifically designed to prevent stands or racks damage the saddle, assist in storing the saddle well, and adds to a tack room or show trailer’s esthetics. Plus, if you know your trainer is picky - you can get a gift card so they can pick out their perfect design - a win-win.

For Saddle Mattress:

For the Trainer Who's Always Preaching!

Sometimes the best gifts are simple and 100% DIY.

Interview a few students at the barn and make a list of the top 10 Commandments your trainer always preaches, such as: "Shoulders back, heels down, or eyes up!”

Make your list, maybe type it in a funky text, then print and frame it! This is something that is personal to your trainer, while also giving them a good laugh in the process! Keep in mind; the more humor from you and your fellow students, the better!

No matter what, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts! Your trainer will appreciate you just for thinking about them during the holidays!

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