At Entrigue, we believe small businesses are the soul of commerce. These business owners need marketing solutions that are affordable, efficient and effective. Entrigue offers boutique marketing agency services - so rather than hire expensive marketing personnel in-house, you can hire Entrigue's experts and strategically customize your small businesses' marketing plan, while utilizing a talented team of project managers and creatives to handle each campaign. 



Often startups hire individual creatives to meet different needs (web designers, graphic designers, social media managers), however, at Entrigue we feel that one of the most important things to marketing a small business, successfully, is cohesive branding. When working with the Entrigue Team all of your creatives are intimately familiar with not only your brand, but your consumer and goals as well. This allows your small business to have an all-encompassing marketing approach saving time, money, and eliminating trial by error pitfalls.



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Small Business Consulting

Running your small business can be hectic enough without taking the extra steps to market your brand for growth.


Consultants at Entrigue can help you strategize task-oriented efforts, assess your competitors and market

opportunities, while establishing realistic goals and timelines.


Our consultants can help you find new ways to connect with your ideal customers while prioritizing resources for effective ad spend to generate a positive ROI.

Navigating the equestrian industry successfully requires cohesive alignment of product education, brand identity, market presence and sport traction. At Entrigue we are experts working across all horse sports, helping brands connect with equestrian consumers, strategically using marketing and networks to achieve an ROI. Our consulting services support businesses of all sizes; from start-ups to established corporations from Europe and Canada serving the US market.

Brand Image & Marketing

Entrigue has the resources to give your brand a visual presence that is unique and leaves an impression. Our graphic designers can create a personal image that fits your business products, style, and vision.


Entrigue's creative team will work to dissect your consumer and brand references to design a logo that is recognizable, modern, and appealing.


Our team assures designs that are functional and replicable on a variety of surfaces so your small business can be prepared for embroidery, printing and so much more! At Entrigue we also believe in empowering small business owners and all original art files are included in final delivery. 


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Social Media

Social media is more important for small businesses than ever before, but maintaining multiple accounts can be time-consuming for the already busy entrepreneur.


Sometimes hiring specialized employees to manage these accounts may not be the most cost-effective option. Entrigue offers small businesses alternative social media solutions.


We offer social media management, content creation, targeted online marketing campaigns, and influencer collaboration through a variety of packages to fit any small businesses goals and budget.

We manage social media accounts for small businesses in a variety of markets; from real estate to artists, construction to salons.

Blogger & Influencer Services


Your typical blog starts as a side project or hobby. However, as your following grows and your potential impressions increase this passion project can quickly become a small enterprise.


At Entrigue, our experienced team supports bloggers with a variety of services including editing, social media and blog post marketing, facilitation of influencer agreements, personal brand identity development, blog maintenance, email marketing management, influencer strategy, monetization of ad space sales and promotions.


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Website Design

Entrigue's web team can upgrade your web presence and build your online store. Our talented web designers can create a website for your brand that perfectly meshes your vision and aesthetic preferences. 

We also happily provide website maintenance, regular update packages, newsletter and email marketing management services to numerous small businesses. Our web team is well versed in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Art Store Fronts and more.

Photography & Video Production

Entrigue has the team and resources to give your business the media content it needs for promotion, marketing, and sales. Our talented pool of creatives have produced photography and videos for Cirque du Soleil, Sprite, the US Army, Sidelines Magazine, and more.


We have produced sporting event live streams, corporate promo videos, hundreds of social media videos, and overseen dozens of photo shoots on location and in the studio. Entrigue's dedicated consultants can organize, collaborate, and manage your full commercial or photo shoot production while being intimately aware of the needs of your small business marketing campaign. 

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