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Equipe USA

Selleria Equipe is an Italian saddle brand, and the only in the world offering saddles with wood, plastic and e-carbon saddle tree options. Equipe believes horses choose their saddle and are interested in creating the best conversation piece between horse and rider. Devised to satisfy the demands of professional riders, and amateur enthusiasts alike, Equipe saddles are a tribute to the elegance of equestrian sport across all its disciplines, from show jumping, to dressage, to eventing and endurance riding. The common factor that characterizes them: rider comfort and respect for the anatomy of the horse.

Our Role

  • Ecommerce Website Design & SEO

  • Product Photography

  • Social Media CPC Campaigns Ads

  • Social Media Management

  • Print Collateral Design

The Challenge

An established company in Europe, Selleria Equipe was looking for an agency partner to develop a United States marketing plan and campaign alignment to support the brand’s saddle fitters on the ground over multiple territories. Equipe USA needed an agency with a deep understanding of key influencers in the United States equestrian market for athlete introductions, leveraging sponsored rider endorsements, and cohesive social media promotion. They needed a team that could unify their social media content from coast to coast—both organic and paid-- using images and messaging that could build momentum, consumer trust and brand popularity. They needed a website for the United States market to support the sales of used saddles, help fitters connect with sales leads in their given territories and educate potential customers on the wide product range.

Selleria Equipe premium saddle options
Entrigue Consulting web designs
luxury Italian saddle brand


Entrigue built a new website for Equipe’s USA market working within Italian approved style guides that fulfilled the client’s needs. Entrigue continues to provide ongoing website maintenance and support to the online store and website marketing efforts. Entrigue’s team worked with the Italian marketing team and the United States distribution to develop a social media marketing strategy focused on bringing creative together from all over the country in order to build a larger, unified USA brand. Our team focused on building an online brand identity with a single large audience, absorbing multiple accounts promoting sales channels in various territories to build greater momentum. Our talented creatives designed a cohesive brand look and messaging for social media ads and organic posts, and sales representative print collateral. Entrigue produced multiple photoshoots for collateral and digital content collection. Equipe has been a longstanding client with Entrigue, entrusting us with their social media marketing since 2016.

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