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Google My Business: A guide to Google Business Profiles for Equine Business Owners

It’s 2024, so let’s be honest– looking for a place to board your horse… you Google. Looking for someone to come give your horse PEMF?... Google. Need to make a quick stop at a tack shop or feed store down the road while at a horse show? Just use Google for the address and a seamless click to Google Maps and you’re en route!

Today as a customer, it’s easy to just type what you are looking for in the little box and boom! Businesses near you pop up so you can find the closest one–but as an equestrian business owner are you keeping up with your Google Business Profile? Does your business have a Google Business Profile? 

If you find yourself asking this question, it might be a good time to give this little digital real-estate some TLC.  For starters,

What is Google Business? How is it different from Google Analytics and Google Ads? 

Google Business Profiles are a FREE– yes get that a FREE- profile that allows your business to influence how it appears on Google Search, Google Maps and Google shopping organic search results. 

Using this tool will let you connect with customers, help new customers find you, post business updates, list your products and even stand apart from your competitors! 

Don’t have  a storefront or physical business? No problem! You can still have an account to have contact with customers. For example, equine massage therapists can have business accounts and specify the region where they can travel and treat horses, giving you more business exposure.

Google Business Profile Marketing

What are the Benefits to having a Google Business Profile?

  1. Increase your business’s visibility on Google

When you search for a business on Google, a map with an accompanying list of businesses appears in the top search results- this is called the “map pack” and as a business owner, can help you gain exposure to customers who may not have otherwise known you were available for those products or services. 

Businesses with optimized Google Business profiles appear higher in these results. The map pack appears for location- specific searches or keyword terms like “near me”. Map pack “discovery searches” are where customers can find products and services they need without having to look for a particular brand and often lead to LOTS of new business referrals! 

  1. Grow Credibility with Google Reviews

Want to rank higher in search results? Having positive Google Business reviews can help your business show up earlier in the search results when working to have a digital edge on your competitors. 

In the age of the internet, customers are saturated with options. Online users today read reviews for local businesses. Google Profiles also have Star Ratings (ranging from 1-5) which help indicate a cumulation of reviews, suggesting an overall average for the customer experience. Reviews give new customers valuable feedback about your business, while being objective and relatable, helping you build trust. 

Worries you might not always get 100% perfect reviews? DON'T BE! According to Google, a mix of positive and negative reviews actually give customers more confidence. 

Finally, reviews give your business a place to respond in a public forum to feedback. As a business owner you can use reviews to learn about your customer experience to make improvements or address a negative complaint in a way that could make a future customer unconcerned. 

  1. Share Your Business Information Efficiently

A Google Business Profile is the perfect place to display your business hours, contact info, have photos or details of your services and more! It can help you field dozens of phone calls asking for the address, driving directions or what time you open or close. Google Business is also a place where you can mark your holiday closures or any temporary changes to service. 

Ready to Start YOUR Google Business Profile? Get in touch!

Entrigue would be happy to help you set up your Google Business profile! Get in touch today to inquire about our Google Business Services, assistance in Business email setup, SEO and more! 

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