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Trick or Treat: Pony Schemes

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Halloween is arguably one of the best holidays of the year. I mean who doesn’t love dressing up in costumes and getting free candy? The festivities don’t need to be limited to trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, because equestrians know that come October, Halloween horse shows will be starting up and the costume class is quite debatably one of the most competitive classes of the horse show.

With October 31st quickly approaching, we’ve searched far and wide and found some outstanding horse costume ideas for Halloween! Which one are you going to choose?

Some stick to the classics…

Let’s turn back time and present a totally groovy costume that dates back to the 1960’s. Take some tie-dye, cool glasses and maybe even some fuzzy leg warmers to give that overall sixties-esque impression.

Here’s a classic but fun idea: take some horse and child white tempera paint and slap on some skeleton bones to showcase your horse anatomy skills. Dress yourself in all white and boom you and your horse are a Halloween duo.

Some just use horse safe paint and have some serious fun…

Isn’t it true that in order to become a true princess one must kiss a frog? Paint your horse completely green and decorate yourself in a girly princess dress to hallmark on the Princess and the Frog novelty.

Green Pony Halloween Costume Contest Barn Contest Horse
PC: @huntersgreentack

Some people may get their costume inspiration from popular stories…

Nothing will get you more noticed than riding into a costume class headless! The Headless Horseman is a classic outfit that can easily be done without a lot of time or effort! Put your horse in a black cooler or blanket and dress yourself in all black. To give the headless look, take some light black cloth and wrap it around your head and neck. You can even splatter some fake blood around your neck to fulfill the effect!

Skeleton horse costume with scary rider
PC: @pferde_flammen

Oh, look! Superwoman and Superman are here to save the day! Wonder Woman tights are making a come back this year. Coming into the costume class looking like a true hero will surely earn you some brownie points. You can easily do this by wearing tights, tall boots, maybe even a fun mask, and placing a superhero emblem on your shirt. For your horse, use a blue or red colored blanket or slinky and place your chosen superhero emblem on the horse’s chest. Add some fun colored polo wraps too!

And away they go! You could also easily turn your horse into the zebra from Racing Stripes and throw on a jockey-like costume! Take some horse friendly paint and paint stripes on your horse to make them look like a zebra. Dress yourself in white pants, tall boots, goggles, and tape your barn emblem on a jockey silk from the thrift store and mount your next Triple Crown winner!

If you don’t have an idea, just simply work with what you’ve got!

Play on words costumes are always a hit! Here’s one called ‘Dunkin Donuts’. Find a donut-shaped inner tube and a blue sheet or blanket to dress your horse with!

Halloween Horse Costumes, Halloween, Dunkin Donuts, Horse Costume
PC: Kristi Blake Paulson, Featuring Haley Paulson and Stan

Another idea is the ‘paint job’. Grab your paint horse and throw on an old shirt and a pair of jeans and splatter some paint all over yourself. Remember to hold a paint can and brush to give the full effect.

A ‘kid safe pony’? Yeah right! Give yourself some fake bruises and maybe even a broken leg to fulfill the effect that your pony is completely out of control!

Here’s an easy one; a unicorn and its princess. Dress like a princess and throw some colorful yarn in your horse’s mane and tail. Don’t forget to roll up some construction paper to give your horse a horn!

A pony in jail and a criminal? This one’s easy. Paint some stripes on your horse and dress yourself in all orange!

So, do you love these Halloween costume ideas? If you’re lacking some creative inspiration, hopefully, this got the gears turning in time for you and your horse to look your spooky-best! Remember to be safe around your horse, and most importantly, remember to have fun and to be thankful that your horse is putting up with all your craziness!


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