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Scoot Boot

Scoot Boot is an Australian equine hoof boot brand that launched in 2015 and soon after became a major player in the global barefoot space. Scoot Boot is the leader in hoof boot technology, with cutting edge and research-backed designs. They are designed by a farrier for the barefoot horse, in order to allow free and natural movement on varied terrain. The boots are used by barefoot equines in all disciplines and rehab/transitional boots. Scoot Boot is a brand passionate about natural horse care and modernizing performance horse podiatry.

Our Role

  • Ecommerce Website Design & SEO

  • Photography and Video Productions

  • Copywriting & Blogging

  • Email Marketing

The Challenge

The client was looking for a global marketing agency partner that could handle all digital and online needs holistically. Scoot Boot required digital marketers that could pioneer online campaigns in multiple languages in Europe, as well as North America and Australia. They also required creative agency support to ensure campaign messaging would directly connect with the equestrian industry consumers in the niche area of barefoot riding, as well as expand veterinary and farrier relationships abroad. It was critical that Scoot Boot’s campaigns target niche equestrian market consumers with relevant product education and relatable messaging for conversions, while also contributing to the online barefoot culture and community.

  • Digital Ads

  • Social Media Management

  • Event Activation and Seller Support

  • Sponsored Rider Program Activation

Horse boots, riding boots
marketing solutions with Entrigue
Digital and online marketing solution


Entrigue developed a digital marketing strategy that focused on brand awareness, product education and sales. Scoot Boot’s campaign messaging utilized research, testimonials, and customer experiences to create relatable content. Entrigue managed numerous international CPC and PPC campaigns in English, French, German, and Swedish, as well as English campaigns in North America, Australia and Canada. Our expert equestrian consultants consolidated the sponsored rider program and developed a new leveraging strategy to better utilize and separate brand ambassadors from sponsored riders. 


We strategically facilitated initiatives in two different markets: trail riders and rehabbing/high performance barefoot education with campaign messaging that targeted these different consumers. Entrigue provided video production services for testimonial content from creative to final placement in digital ads. In addition, our team developed numerous international introductions to leading performance veterinarians and barefoot farriers.  Entrigue supported the sales team with email marketing, blog copywriting, and website maintenance, including SEO support. Entrigue also strategically assisted in horse show event activation and event asset placement.

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