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Experts in equine marketing.

From social media marketing to web design, learn how we can help!

Why Choose Entrigue Consulting

We are a dedicated full service marketing and brand strategy consultancy with deep expertise in equestrian marketing

Our equine marketing campaigns get results

We have a vast background in equestrian sports

We have a large domestic and global network our clients benefit from

We understand the equine social media marketing landscape and can tailor digital approaches to meet your business's specific needs

We have a proven track record servicing equine professionals from all disciplines: horse racing, western, dressage, eventing and more!

An equine marketing agency that works for you

Serving clients as both a digital marketing and creative agency, Entrigue knows how to handle your campaign with expertise. We understand the equestrian market and love horses just as much as your customers. We are entrepreneurs, too. So, as marketing and brand experts, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of our clients. Our creative approach to sophisticated campaigns and alignment of marketing assets work to help your company build its online brand identity and audience. With a proven track record in brand development, growth strategy marketing, web design, ecommerce, and equestrian representation, we have the tools to help you achieve your marketing goals.


Our 'win-win' approach works to help your company develop brand and consumer relationships where all parties benefit in growth. We are the only equestrian marketing agency working across all major equestrian sports - horse racing, dressage, show jumping and eventing - that also has strong relationships and consultancy links to leading companies in many other fields. Whether you need a comprehensive marketing campaign, brand strategy, equine public relations, rider sponsorship packages, equestrian ads, or graphics and web design, we have the tools to help you achieve your goals.


Our expert consultants have a deep knowledge of the equestrian industry and content-driven marketing to help small businesses leverage their digital presence.


Learn more about our Team and their areas of expertise! 

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"As an Australian business we were wanting to increase market share and brand awareness in the US. It was important for us to find a digital agency that was predominantly for equine businesses as other digital agencies in the past just did not understand our requirements. Entrigue was a perfect match for us. I would highly recommend Entrigue for any equine business." 

Annette Kaitinis, Scoot Boot Co-Founder

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