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5 Reels with Amazing Transitions & How to Copy Them

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Have you ever seen a reel on Instagram or TikTok with a transition that you just couldn’t stop watching? As professional riders or small business owners, creating those videos should be your number one goal for your equestrian social media strategy. If you google how to make a reel on Instagram, it can seem intimidating at first glance. But, you might be surprised to find out that it doesn’t take a whole lot of technical knowledge or effort to create an amazing transition reel of your own!

What You’ll Need:

VN App


Inspiration Reel

Friend (or tripod) to Video

Reel #1: From Bed to Saddle

Social media marketing video idea

When it comes to learning how to make a reel on Instagram, it’s important to start simple, with an easy transition reel like this one. Prop your camera on a nearby desk or have a friend video you. Take a short clip of you flopping face first onto your bed. If you don’t feel comfortable filming in your bedroom, you could also use a couch or even a pool. You just need a scenario where you can get the forward motion of the upper body.

Next, take your camera to the barn to film a short clip of you gently flopping forward to give your horse a hug around the neck. Continue filming for a few short seconds after the hug.

Upload both videos to the VN app, along with your audio. Arrange the videos so you fall onto your bed or couch first and then hug your horse second. This reel used Original audio by itzjustmilly, but you can use any audio that has a drop or a significant beat change.

Using the Beats function on the VN app, mark exactly where the beat drops. Then, split the video of you falling onto your bed exactly where the beat drops. This should be roughly halfway through your fall. Split the video of you hugging your horse’s neck halfway through your downward trajectory.

The end result should be a reel that starts with you flopping onto your bed and ends with you on your horse’s neck with the transition when the beat drops. Pair this reel with an amazing caption about loving your horse, relaxing at the barn, or another heartfelt message and you’ll have a powerful asset for your equestrian social media account.

Reel #2: Clear Your Head

Social media marketing video example

Are you a corporate career woman by day and an equestrian by night? Are you wondering how to make a reel on Instagram that will show both sides of your life? We all use the barn to get away from our problems and this reel will encompass that feeling.

Film a video of you walking, stopping in the center of the shot, picking your foot up and putting it down. You don’t really need a friend for this one– you can prop your phone up on the ground– but it may be easier with a helper. Wear street shoes or business heels for this first video.

Next, film a video of you standing still in the center of the screen wearing your riding boots and standing with your horse. Pick your foot up again and stomp it down. Bonus points if you can get your horse to do it with you. Walk straight ahead and out of the screen.

Remember, both videos should have you centered and must be shot from the same angle, which is essentially ground level.

Time for some editing magic. Use the audio in the reel (original audio by equinelaneltd) so people who are watching this trend can find your reel easily. Upload the video of you in your street shoes or business heels first, followed by the video of you and your horse.

Next, mark where the beat drops on the audio, so you know where to split the videos. Split your first video so your foot is at the peak of its rise when the beat changes. Split the second video so your foot is just coming down at the beat drop.

The end result should be a seamless rise and fall of your foot with the transition from street shoes to riding boots at the beat drop. Everyone on equestrian social media loves a good “not just a horse girl” reel and this one really fits the bill.

Reel #3: Jumping Between Horses

Social media marketing - advance video transition idea

It’s time to level up your skills for the next step on how to make a reel on Instagram. This reel features a crazy transition and is definitely a little more advanced.

Have a friend take two videos of you jumping the same fence on two different horses. It’s very important that the videos are taken at the exact same spot. Put an X on the ground or a cone so your helper knows exactly where to stand to take both shots.

The videos also have to be the exact same length. If one turns out to be slightly longer than the other, simply upload the video into the VN app and crop it. These two videos should look like mirror images with the horses jumping at the same moment in the video.

Switch to Canva to edit this reel. Create a new design using the reel format. Drag and drop both videos onto the template, but crop the videos so they only cover half of the screen. The post for the jump should act as your centerfold. Crop each video so that half of the post is seen on each side and appears as though it’s one post.

Next, hit play! The two videos should overlap so that you start the jump on one horse and end it on another. Download the video and upload it back into the VN app.

Use the VN app to add audio. You can use any audio you’d like for this reel, as the transition doesn’t occur in a single moment, like Reel #1 or 2. Other equestrian social media accounts have seen the most success using audio that is trending, but still has under 10,000 uses.

Reel #4: Hit the Ground Stylin’

Instagram reel idea for social media marketing

When it comes to learning how to make a reel on Instagram, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from sources outside of equestrian social media. This reel is just begging for a horsey remake.

There are a few different directions you could take this one. You could go from schooling clothes to show clothes, from barn chore clothes to a gorgeous night out dress (caption idea: get yourself a horse girl who can do both), or from street clothes to riding clothes.

You’ll definitely need a friend to help you capture the right videos for this one and a location with a slight height difference. This could be a set of stairs, a porch, or even your back deck. First, shoot a video of your first outfit. Walk out from behind a wall and then turn to the top of the stairs or to the railing of the porch. As you get to the peak of the height difference stop and throw an item of clothing from your second outfit. Have your helper follow it down to the ground with the camera. Make sure your helper either doesn’t move from that spot or marks it with an X, so they know exactly where to stand for the second video.

Change into your second outfit and crouch down on the spot where the clothing hit the ground. Have your helper start at a lower angle and raise the camera up with you as you stand. Strut towards the camera for a few strides and end the video.

The editing process for this one is a lot like Reels 1 and 2. Upload both videos to the VN app. Split the first video exactly when the clothing hits the ground. Start the second video from the moment you start to stand up.

Next, upload your audio and use the Beats function to mark where the music changes. It’s important to use an audio that has a significant change or beat drop. This reel uses vegas x go f urself by shima.banana, but any audio with a beat change will do, as long as the music has confident vibes.

Crop the audio of your choice so that the beat changes right when the clothing hits the ground and you start to stand up in outfit number two. The end result should be a seamless arc between the clothing falling and you rising in your second outfit.

Reel #5: Kicking It with Some New Breeches

Instagram reel social media marketing example

Equestrian social media is a business tool. This reel is perfect if you run a breeches company or if you’re a sponsored rider for a breeches brand.

You won’t need a helper to create this reel, as long as you have a tripod for your camera. In video number one, stand next against a clean, simple backdrop. You could even stand in front of your horse.

Turn sideways, throw your breeches up into the air and kick at the same time. The goal is for the breeches to hit your shin when your leg is up in the air.

Change into the breeches you just threw into the air and come back to stand exactly where you were when you kicked. Kick your leg up into the air again and when you bring your leg back down, turn your back to the camera and look over your shoulder. Repeating the kick gives your body the same swinging motion and makes the edited reel look seamless.

Upload both videos into the VN app. Split the first video just as the breeches hit your shin at the peak of your kick. Split the second video just after the peak of your kick when your leg is just barely starting to come back down.

Upload an audio of your choice into VN. This far into this article, you’ve probably noticed a theme for how to make a reel on Instagram– you want to use audio with a noticeable beat or change. This reel used an original audio by maddykentdressage. Crop the audio so that the beat hits just where the two videos meet.

To really make this reel pop, use two breeches that are drastically different colors, like black and white or electric blue and tan. You really want the change to stand out.

Reels are the Future of Social Media

With the rise of TikTok, more and more people want to view videos over posts or stories. Video is key to bringing more visibility to your equestrian social media account. The good news is that learning how to create a reel on Instagram isn’t as hard as it looks.

With the right team to offer guidance and inspiration, you can take your equestrian social media presence to the next level. Check out how we can help you get the traction you’ve been searching for.


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